Bark Buddy Buddy’s Classic No-Bark Training System BBV



Bark Buddy Buddy’s Classic No-Bark Training System BBV

Bark Buddy Buddy’s Classic No-Bark Training System BBV.  A dog’s bark can sometimes make us go “Awwwww….so cute!” or “Uggghhhh…. so annoying!” Yes, that’s part and parcel of owning adorable, loyal, loving and healthy dogs. Barking, after all, is their way of communicating. Whether it is due to fear, curiosity or just plain excitement at seeing you come through the front door after a long day, barking is their way of telling you what’s up.

You can also usually tell what’s going on with your dog by the tone of their bark. Sometimes there’s just a squirrel in the yard and since dogs are territorial, they don’t like that. And sometimes, they’re just bored or unhappy and just want to catch your attention. However, whatever the reasons might be, you may find your dog is barking more than usual and that’s not good.

If you’re been looking for a total solution to fixing your dog’s excessive barking, well… you’ve come to the right place.

The Bark Buddy Buddy’s Classic No-Bark Training System (Model BBV) is your all-in-one solution to your dog’s bark training. It’s proven to be a safe, effective and inexpensive approach to your dog’s bark training.

With 7 training levels and 2 training modes to match your dog’s temperament and behavior, it’s perfect for dogs weighing 15 lbs. and up. It also features a sturdy nylon collar that can be adjusted to fit neck sizes 6” – 30”. It’s designed to be compact and lightweight to make sure your dog is comfortable at all times – this means zero-bulk and zero-fuss from your dog when you put it on.

Featuring a Test Mode that’s easy to use, allows you to test the collar before actually using it to make sure it’s working properly. A great additional feature is the Pet Protection Mode which prevents over stimulation; this means that your dog can still go ahead and bark during urgent situations.

To help you with your dog’s training, when you purchase the Buddy’s Classic BBV, we’ve also included a FREE exclusive digital download of training videos from renowned trainer Phillip Paris.


Collar size fits small, medium and large dogs weighing 15 lbs. and up
Sturdy nylon collar from 6” to 30” with curved back design
Up to 7 training levels: simply choose which best suits your dog
Up to 2 training modes: simply select which best fits your dog’s temperament
Replaceable 6-volt alkaline batteries included
Multi-color LED battery life indicator
Simple, user-friendly controls
Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and convenience
90 Day Warranty

What’s in the box?

Bark control collar
6V Battery
Contact probes
Test light
Owners Manual
Digital Download of our Exclusive Training Videos from Phillip Paris

What’s included in our training video – Comprehensive training on why dogs bark, and the proper way to use your Hush Puppy BB5 – No-Bark collar, Plus Bonus videos on:

Proper Dog Training Equipment
Perfect Leash Walking
Teaching your Dog the Sit Command

A $20 value FREE just for purchasing a BARKbuddy No-Bark Training System. Don’t pay too much for a Bark Collar and waste your money, and don’t risk buying a super cheap option that will only disappoint you. With BARKbuddy you get the best of all worlds at a fair and reasonable price.


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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in


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